5 Day Raw Detox with Matthew Kenney


In today’s busy world we are exposed to so many noxious chemicals and toxins. Our food choices are one of the worst offenders at taxing our body with harmful chemicals. The 5 Day Raw Detox is a way to fast track your health and give your body a much needed break. Living foods are the world’s healthiest nutrition and when you eat living foods you feel alive with energy, your eyes sparkle, your skin glows and those that have extra pounds to lose usually experience weight loss too.

The plan includes exercise recommendations, tips on how to detox your life and a plan filled with fabulous living food recipes by Matthew Kenney and Monica Parodi.










Matthew Kenney is the world’s leading raw food chef, the writer of several best-selling cookbooks, a culinary educator, and an entrepreneur specializing in the plant-based lifestyle. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute and, after working in upscale New York City kitchens, opened a number of his own highly regarded restaurants in New York and along the East Coast. He has earned several awards, including being named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food and Wine Magazine and was twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the James Beard Foundation. Kenney has appeared on numerous food and talk shows, and regularly lectures on the subject of food and health, including a highly watched TEDx talk in 2011.

Having grown up on the coast of Maine and being an avid outdoorsman, Kenney’s success lies within his innate understanding of seasonal and local ingredients, his classical training and extensive travel background. His application of contemporary methods and techniques along with a firm commitment to innovative recipes and food aesthetics is leading the raw food industry to the mainstream.

In 2009, Kenney founded the world’s first classically structured raw food culinary academy.  Matthew Kenney Academy has graduated students from over 30 countries. Along with operating his namesake Academy and Restaurant Brand, he is involved in raw food and plant-based projects around the world, and travels extensively to forward his mission to show others that food can be delicious and vibrant, while still healthful.


Food and Wine, America’s Best New Chef Award
James Beard Foundation, Twice Nominated Rising Star Chef in America
French Culinary Institute, Outstanding Graduate
University of Maine, Spirit of Maine Award
PBS Television, Rising Star Chef
Veg News, Chef of the Year

Matthew’s creations are beautifully innovative & crafted with your mind, body and soul in mind… 







More 5 Day Raw Detox Clients Testimonials: 

Monica’s Detox Program has been a life changing experience. Her knowledge, dedication and support have allowed me a complete transformation of health on all levels.  I originally joined her Five Day Detox program because I began severely suffering from intense hot flashes, up to 50 a day, and my quality of life was seriously affected. I permanently wiped out the hot flashes and now I’m on fire with an energetic and healthy quality of life each and every day! I have not had any hot flashes since the detox. I have accomplished balanced hormones, wiped out addictions, eliminated cellulite, dramatically increased energy levels and my senses are much keener.  After my HIT training workouts, my recovery time is drastically reduced, my joints don’t ache, I’ve noticed I just don’t have the inflammation in my body like I did before, and I can lift heavier weights with more endurance. I don’t wake up each morning with phlegm in my throat, and a stuffy nose either. I had no idea I would also become more patient, grounded and loving, what a gift!  It’s been a remarkable journey where Monica gives you the tools and guidance through the whole process for a complete return to health.   – Susan Lampinen, 46 years old
Prior to starting Monica Parodi’s detox, I had been working out and trying to lose weight for an entire year. Despite my efforts, I had only lost 4 pounds in twelve months! I used to look in the mirror at my skin and cry. I had a horrible relationship with myself, with food, and with stress. Her detox completely transformed my skin to be bright, clear, and radiant. I lost  6 pounds in 5 days and 10 pounds in 10 days! More importantly, I have learned to manage my stress and develop a connection with how to nourish my body. Monica was inspirational and supportive throughout the entire process. She answered any question big and small while making the entire detox effortless and fun. The recipes included in this program were delicious, fun to make, and made it easy to stick with.   – Kaleigh Sikora, 27 
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Monica Parodi is a well-respected Nutritionist that has inspired countless people to take charge of their lives. She teaches and educates on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and works for each person individually. Monica's mission is to give people the tools to lead healthier and HAPPIER lives. To learn more about Monica read her bio or peruse her interview with Agenda Magazine.

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