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We are exposed to so many noxious chemicals in the air we breathe and in our surrounding environment that the last thing we need to do is put MORE toxins directly onto our scalp and skin.  Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on our hair and skin is JUST as important as the food we put in our mouths.

I have tried a lot of different products and just like with food the words “ALL NATURAL” mean nothing when it comes to haircare.  Finding hair products that have clean ingredients AND make your hair gorgeous is not an easy task.  I finally found a company that I LOVE!!!  I love all of the shampoos (they do not have the chemicals in them that create lather so it takes some getting used to).  The conditioners have helped repair my color treated hair.  I highly recommend this haircare line and I contacted them and let them know I will be recommending their products to my clients and including it in my 14 Day Slim and Sexy Plan.  Morrocco graciously provided a 15% Discount Code for my clients.

Please use the code  14BEAUTYDAY at checkout.





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Monica Parodi is a well-respected Nutritionist that has inspired countless people to take charge of their lives. She teaches and educates on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and works for each person individually. Monica's mission is to give people the tools to lead healthier and HAPPIER lives. To learn more about Monica read her bio or peruse her interview with Agenda Magazine.

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