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Monica Parodi is an International Published Author, Fitness Enthusiast, Ph.D. student, and Nutrition Expert.  Her proudest accomplishment to date is being the Mother of three small children- including twins. Monica’s holistic approach to health, wellness and beauty has been a source of inspiration for countless people seeking healthier, happier lives.

The journey Monica has taken to become a successful Nutrition Coach is similarly remarkable. Monica grew up on fast food and sodas which are habits she continued throughout her adult life. It wasn’t until a Stage IV cancer scare, and a serious discussion with her doctor, that she realized good nutrition and consistent exercise could make a big difference in preventing serious diseases.  Her tumors turned out to be benign, but the scare of her life inspired Monica to reach higher, strive harder, and encourage others to do the same.

She began devouring scientific studies, looking for the best ways to become truly healthy. Monica enrolled and graduated from Cornell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Certification, and is sprinting toward a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition. Her evenings are spent scouring the latest research so she can offer the most up-to-date information to her clients. Her passion for evidence-based health and wellness strategies echoes across everything she does.

Monica’s exercise plan started with P90X, and she was amazed at the results.  P90X and P90X2 still form the foundation of her fitness routine- with lots of help from whole foods nutrition, of course.  Monica is a cast member of the popular P90X2 workout program and appears on the QVC network for live P90X shows and tours with Tony Horton and the P90X crew on military tours.


Parodi’s nutrition plans aren’t just diets. Instead, she helps her clients focus on total wellness so that they can feel well, look well, and live well. She wants her clients to get back to the basics of healthy, natural living. She’s learned to love herself, cherish her life, and protect her body, and she teaches each and every client how to do the same.

Monica is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients achieve dreams both big and small, and she believes in meeting people where they are. Whether you’re a clean-eating fitness buff in the making or have spent years on the couch eating processed foods, Monica will be there for you. She strongly supports the switch to fresh and wholesome foods, and believes that her clients will look their best when they feel their best.

If Monica can do it, anyone can. She went from a junk-food junkie and a life-altering cancer scare to a healthy life and a body she loves. It’s never too late to begin living the life of your dreams, and Monica serves as a daily reminder of this fact to her clients.

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Welcome to my website where I share my passion for healthy foods and nutrition.  I used to daydream about doing something to make a difference in the world…to leave a lasting legacy.  I just never knew how I would make that happen.  After my health scare my whole world changed.  It’s as if I wore a veil my entire life that has lifted and now all I see and feel are vibrant colors. True health feels like an incredible gift.  It’s that gift I want to share with you and what has become my passion. Nutrition education is my purpose and I thrive on inspiring others to live healthier and happier lives.


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Monica Parodi is a well-respected Nutritionist that has inspired countless people to take charge of their lives. She teaches and educates on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and works for each person individually. Monica's mission is to give people the tools to lead healthier and HAPPIER lives. To learn more about Monica read her bio or peruse her interview with Agenda Magazine.

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