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Why blend, and how will this book impact your life? Well, I believe this little book is going to change your life! You’ve made the mental shift, and are ready for change and to start living the life that you deserve. True health, happiness, and WELLNESS are something we should all seek to experience. When you act with kindness and covet your well-being, all your dreams can come true. True health really is a gift, and it’s that gift I want to share with you.

I know it’s a bold statement for me to say that a few recipes are going to change your life, but never underestimate the profound effect small changes can make. Starting or improving a smoothie habit will quickly improve your health by pumping up the number of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and super foods you consume.

A daily smoothie (especially a green one) is a ritual I can’t go a day without. I miss the energy and the refreshment. I just feel off. Green smoothies ignite my mojo. Even if I am out of town, I travel with my blender, or I find places where I can get a green smoothie. Smoothies have improved my life and countless others that I have helped. It’s a powerful and easy place to start for better health. Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to LIVE WELL?

My Book of Smoothies is being offered at a low entry price, making it affordable for everyone to get started on the road to healthy living!

For a limited time get my Book of Smoothies for $17… 70 pages jam-packed with nutrition information, delicious recipes, top benefits of blending, budgeting tips… and much much more. 



This e-book includes:

  • 44 recipes, from Monica + guest chefs
  • list of easy protein, beauty + superfood boosters
  • smoothie/blending troubleshooting
  • helpful blending tips/budgeting tips
  • list of Monica’s favorite (blending) tools


What customers are saying: 

“I’ve purchased a lot of books and programs only to find them too complicated or convoluted to incorporate into my family’s routine. The recipes in Monica’s Book of Smoothies are simple with ingredients I can find easily. This is a huge bonus! Sometimes I find the shopping lists of programs too daunting to even try. While many of the recipes incorporate greens, they aren’t all green in color-a plus for my kids! Thanks for kid-friendly recipes that delight the taste buds of picky eaters and drinkers! The tips in the beginning and end of the book are informative about the power of whole foods in relation to skin, hair, body and mind. Finding a resource that is so simple yet effective is a must for anyone wanting to transform their health. I am excited to implement these new recipes in my own efforts to better the health of my whole family”.  – Laura O’ Byrne  

“I love your smoothie ebook! So much beneficial info for little cost! Your book is a reminder that regardless of how busy we are, we have time to make a quick healthy smoothie / meal!”– Laura Whittle

“I had one of Monica’s smoothies this morning from her new e-book and I have to say it was AMAZING, I tried other green smoothies before from oher sources and was not very impressed, the recipe I used was the one entitled “Monica’s favorite green smoothie” you have to try this it is like nothing else out there, and if Monica put this together you know it is healthy. This is now the first thing I’m having every morning, cant wait to try the other recipes. Thanks Monica!”  – Steve Leal     

“This book is a real gift. I purchased your smoothie book and have been drinking 2 smoothies a day for the past 3 days. I’ve never been one to feel satisfied with smoothies so I didn’t have very high expectations. But I am loving these recipes. And this is more than just a recipe book. You go in to a lot of detail on how to make the smoothies so that they are more satisfying, just in getting the right texture. My daughters (8 and 10) are even enjoying trying the variety of smoothies and we are having fun making them together and testing them to see what we each like best. It is great to have them involved in the process. It’s only been 3 days, but the first thing I noticed is that my elimination is improved, which is a big deal! Your passion to help people live healthier really comes through in this book!” –  Lisa Nichoalds  

“Monica, I want to let you know that I love, love, love the smoothie e-book I bought from your website. It is not easy to get anything green, other than green beans in my son, Ayden. I have been making a batch of the green smoothie with kale, spinach, and pineapple and leaving 2 glasses in the refrigerator for both my kids. When I picked my son up from swim practice today, he told me he had a great practice and felt like he had more “power” in the water. I asked how that happened (not knowing he drank the smoothie left for him). And he gave me this sly little grin and said, “I drank one of the green things you made and left for us.” Now he wants to see the book to find more! My daughter Kam routinely drinks them before dance and it makes a big difference for her as well. Thanks again! Cheers!  – Amber Shaw Miller




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Monica Parodi is a well-respected Nutritionist that has inspired countless people to take charge of their lives. She teaches and educates on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and works for each person individually. Monica's mission is to give people the tools to lead healthier and HAPPIER lives. To learn more about Monica read her bio or peruse her interview with Agenda Magazine.

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