I have fallen in love with a blender! My Blendtec blender, has become a new obsession and my go-to kitchen essential for creating healthy and delicious foods. The possibilities are almost limitless, and the ease of use and self cleaning feature is essential for a busy lifestyle. The Blendtec is perfect for making delicious smoothies, mixing all your favorite ingredients into a delicious drink almost instantly. You can even toss in those veggies you might not love eating at dinner time, reaping the health benefits but not the struggle to get them down.

But smoothies are just the surface with this incredible machine– think beyond smoothies! I make nut butters, oat milks, soups, dips, salad dressing, healthy ice-cream and pasta sauces… and the best part is that YOU’RE IN CONTROL of what goes into your food. You don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients or preservatives. Making fresh and healthy meals is made simple with the Blendtec.

button1When people try my smoothie recipes if I get a complaint my first question is “What blender are you using?” I can honestly say I have tried most high-powered blenders on the market, and the Blendtec is by far the best of the best. You should not have to chew green smoothies!

The initial cost may seem high, but once you weigh in the amount of money and time you will save by making things from scratch and in the comfort of your home will soon outweigh the price of the machine.

For my full Blendtec review and comparison to Vitamix, the other leading blender on the market, please read my latest blog post.  OR check out the cliff notes below:

I am sure that Blendtec and Vitamix both have a list of features that they use to promote their blenders over one another. Here is the list of reasons I love the Blendtec compared to Vitamix:


  • Touch-screen design that is easier to clean, more sanitary and fool-proof for my children to operate
  • Pre-programmed buttons with automatic shut off
  • Smoother texture (smoothies, hummus, ice-cream, nut cheeses)
  • Faster blend times on all types of blends
  • Inspirational quotes and positive affirmations
  • Fits neatly under the counter
  • Larger blending jar (able to blend more ounces at once)
  • Blunt safety blade so my children can safely clean the blender