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PUREserumI’M A PURIST! I’ve seriously never been more in love with a cosmetics company– I use 100% Pure for both my skincare and make-up needs! I love the colors of Mac & Chanel and have been a loyal customer of both of those companies for years.  I tried purchasing cruelty-free more natural options at Whole Foods and the colors and end result looked more earthy and did not provide the glamour look I was trying to achieve.

When it comes to black tie events and photo shoots “earthy” doesn’t work.  The more educated I became in nutrition the more I struggled with continuing to purchase cosmetics that contained many of the
ingredients that you will find on my “Top Ingredients To Avoid List”. I teach people to avoid toxins and how to get rid of toxins so it just wasn’t logical for me to purchase and use hair, skincare, and makeup products FULL of toxins and chemicals!  I also struggled with the dark side of the cosmetic industry that does animal testing and some even contain animal products.  



My solution was to not wear makeup on a daily basis and to use my regular glamourous makeup only for events. Then I found 100% Pure Cosmetics and fell in love. I am a firm believer that Mother Earth provides everything we need to THRIVE. I usually think that Man could never make anything better for our bodies than what comes from the Earth.  I believed there to be one exception and that only Man could make gorgeous, lasting makeup.  

THANK YOU 100% Pure for proving me wrong and for making the fashion lover in me happy without compromising my nutrition philosophies!


I use 100% Pure Cosmetic’s Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer, Healthy Skin Foundation (on days I want full coverage), eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, lip cream stick,  lip gloss, brow pencil, bronzer and concealer.  I love their Organic Aqua Booster for refreshing my face when traveling.  100% Pure also has hair products but I was already using Morrocco Method when I found 100% Pure.  I am sure they are great I just haven’t personally tried them so I can’t give my own recommendation. I love the products I have tried from 100% Pure and I know you will too.


-Rosewater  & Calendula Serum 


-Vanilla Sugar, Cocoa Plum & Fig Eyeshadow


-Mauvette Berry Blush


-Blackberry Eyeliner Gel


-Taupe Brow Beauty Queen Gift Set


-Peach Bisque Tinted Moisturizer 


-Healthy Foundation Naked Lip Gloss


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